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Female Fat Loss Circuit Style

May 12, 2011

One of my clients, Julia
is performing a female fat loss and toning circuit

There are a few key points to this
that I want to you to remain aware of as you watch

#1 – These exercises are specifically chosen for Julia
on this particular workout day
based on what tested best for her
using The Movement’s Range of Motion Biofeedback tests
(ps – testing exercise, loads, and rest periods
takes no time at all for each and every workout
and you can do it all by yourself
it requires nothing but you!)

#2 – Julia is paying careful attention
to avoid The Elements of Effort
Because remember you not only get good at WHAT you do
BUT you also get good at HOW you do it
so Julia (and all of our clients) learn that exercise is EASY!

#3 – The forward bend she performs between each exercise
is an example of the biofeedback we use to determine what our clients do
She tests her range of motion between each exercise
to determine if her body is ready to go to the next exercise
Or if she needs to rest
*Note – she is not testing for her end range of motion
But for the first sign of tension in her body
Also, prior to filming this circuit
We had chosen, thru the forward bend biofeedback testing
what exercises were best for her today,
what weights she would use in each exercise,
and even what form her body would take with each exercise
(We don’t shape bodies around exercises
We shape exercises around bodies
This IS the most individualized program possible!)

#4 – This is just an example
of what you may want to incorporate in your exercise program
(and guys these are good moves for you as well)

#5 – Notice that Julia is NOT…
falling on the floor
Drenched in sweat
On the verge of vomiting
or displaying any other sign of serious effort or bodily breakdown
Julia does a great job of working within her limits
(Training to your limits is training to have limits
that means that when you train within your limits
your potential for progress is limitless
fat loss, lean muscle, health and vitality are limitless! )

All of these factors when performed correctly
will aid Julia (and YOU!) in the easiest, most effective and long lasting fat loss



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