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10 Things I Got Better at in 2010

January 12, 2011

This post could go on a lot of different pages or even sites
But I want you all to know me

The Movement is and should be life changing
and here’s how my life changed over the last year

A physicist who worked in nuclear weaponry once said
“If you’re not changing, check your pulse. You might be dead”

In retrospect 2010 was one of the best years of my life
I have not seen as much positive change
in as many directions
as I did this year


#1 – Cutting my own hair
As I slowly become more follicularly challenged
a shaved head  has become a necessary permanent fixture
Which means that in order to stay freshly shorn
I need to be able to rely on no one else but me to make the trim
and not make a major mess in the process
2010 marked the first time that my wife complimented me
on my ability to quickly shave without leaving any major patches uncut
and all this while doing it in the front yard without mirrors
this way the clean up is non-existent

#2 – Public Speaking
I have never been fearful of it
But this year had multiple large audience speaking engagements
(largest address was to 600 people)
And i am beginning to have a ritual
for how to write the talk
what time line i need to work with to be prepared
and most importantly
how to get into a relaxed and confident state before i speak
so that i can most effectively communicate with the audience i have
and not the audience i wish i had

#3 – Making Stock
i am talking about broth
you know, like chicken broth, vegetable broth, etc…
it’s also called stock
For the last 3 months of 2010
i made a minimum of 1 pot of chicken stock a week
and have recently figured out and replicated
the perfect cooking time and heat level, ingredients, etc…
and today i can confidently say that my chicken stock
is Mmm Mmm Good!

#4 – Thrift(y) Shopping
This one I owe to my wife
If I had a dollar for every dollar we saved in 2010
i would have double the amount of the money we saved
ok, so I’m not that funny
Seriously though, Retail is for SUCKERS!
i’m not even going to attempt to teach the art of thrift
i’ll save that one for bonnie
Just know i am better at being thrifty :)

#5 – Playing childrens’ songs on the guitar
Ask my two year old who’s the best E-I-E-I-O musician
and she will surely point you to my beautiful blue Ibanez
sitting in the corner of the living room
Old MacDonald has a better farm
thanks to the Keaton’s Kiddie Jam sessions

#6 -Peeling Ginger
I know you’re not impressed
but give me a spoon, a fresh piece of ginger
and sit back and await a dish that will be brimming with
quickly yet perfectly peeled ginger
Practice makes perfect
and fresh ginger makes stir fry so much better

#7 – Writing curriculum
The key?
The key is to ask
What do i need to say
Before i can say what i really want to say
Once you’ve agreed to the premise, you’re mine!
Thanks Frankie!

#8 – Going with my gut
I had read plenty of research on the topic
but it was personally proven to me time and time again in 2010
that the feeling you get deep down inside
when you are faced with making a decision
or sizing up a new acquaintance or situation
You know that feeling? That feeling is RIGHT! Go with it.
You can thank me later

#9 – Managing my anxiety
For a decade I have experienced anxiety attacks so bad
that i couldn’t even leave my house
I couldn’t be in the same room with another living being
I have been to hell and back!
Funny thing happened this year
I came to know and understand my anxiety
My anxiety is a really good friend, the best!
It’s not my enemy!
It is the strongest, honest, and caring companion i have
When my actions don’t match my wants and my needs
My once misunderstood partner is there to definitively let it be known
2010 is bittersweet
I have lost almost all contact with a close friend ;)

#10 – Being Me!
Maya Angelou once said
“I long, as does every human being, to be at home wherever I find myself.”
I learned how to do that this year
and for me there are 2 parts to this
First requesting that others be “at home”, be themselves
and then waiting for them to let me do the same
and if they don’t let me?
well then i’ll show you how to do it
and if you don’t like it
you probably never will
and that’s OK
because there is only 1 person I was ever meant to be
and that’s me!
P.S. there is only 1 person you were ever meant to be
and that’s you!


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